17 Jun 2015


Just like on Livejournal, I believe an introduction is needed; crucial. Just, you know, get to know me more or something along that lines. Just, urm, warning: I'm a terribly boring person.

I am Amal. I'm 15 years old and I'm very boring, just like I stated above. I don't like to study, but I like to read stuff that isn't useful for my future. Like books. What of use are they besides improving my language skills? I'm joking. Reading is good, okay! It enhances your creativity...or something...er...anyway, like I said, I love reading books. Especially classics, because I hate whatever you people call books nowadays - YA novels. Absolute BS, in my opinion. People would probably say I'm pretentious but no, I'm serious, the only novels I read that are written in the 21st century are the ones that are in the lines of Children story books (YES, HARRY POTTER), Mystery, Crime or General Fiction. God, I bloody hate YA romance novels. Horrible. Dreadful.